Basic Cold Processed Soap Making (Online)

Basic Cold Processed Soap Making (Online)

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Next Schedule: JULY 11, 2020, 1pm (MANILA TIME)

Be empowered and learn how to make your own soap for gifting, personal or business use. Gentle and natural soaps are great especially now, as we do frequent washing of hands. 

Join me for a virtual (via Zoom) class and learn all about the different steps in creating a premium batch of All-Natural Cold Processed Soap.  This is a great Introductory class if you are interested in learning about soapmaking and make other kinds of soap (hot processed and liquid soaps) in the future.

We will go over ingredients, lye safety, base oil properties, tried and tested recipe, formulation (I will teach you how to manually formulate your own soap as well), superfatting, additives, basic soap design, troubleshooting and curing time. 

You will receive a PDF file with steps, resources, tips, and supplier information. You will also get access to a private FB group for after-class support.

Each participant will get their own soap making kit which includes premium ingredients and basic soap making tools below:

      • 250mL Extra virgin olive oil
      • 250mL virgin coconut oil
      • 250g Cocoa butter
      • 1kg of lye
      • Additives: activated charcoal/oatmeal and flower tea: rose/lavender
      •  peppermint/ lavender essential oil 
      • spatula
      • mixing bowl
      • Soap mold
      • glass beaker/measuring cup/pouring pot
      • gloves
      • protective goggles
      • mask
      • batch of soap to make during the workshop is about 800g
      • Weighing scale

Class options:

  1. Workshop fee only (join the online class, handouts, and after-class support)
  2. Workshop fee with SOAP KIT